The Alert and InlineAlert components are used to give feedback to the user about an action or state.

Evergreen exports two components to create text alerts:

  • Alert: alert component with icon, title and optional description.
  • InlineAlert: alert component with icon and title.

Intent API

Both the Alert and the InlineAlert components implement the intent prop. The intent is a interface used across Evergreen and has the following options:

  • info: intent="none"
  • success: intent="success"
  • warning: intent="warning"
  • danger: intent="danger"


The Alert component can have a title and children. There are props to configure the icon and the border on the left.

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Alerts with description

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Card appearance

The card appearance is useful if the alert is presented outside of a card or pane.

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The InlineAlert is useful when not showing a title and space is limited.

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Alert Props

This component composes ui-box

childrenstring | node
The content of the alert. When a string is passed it is wrapped in a `<Text size={400} />` component.
intent'none' | 'success' | 'warning' | 'danger'
The intent of the alert.
The title of the alert.
When true, show a border on the left matching the type.
When true, show a icon on the left matching the type,
When true, show a remove icon button.
Function called when the remove button is clicked.
appearance'default' | 'card'
The appearance of the alert.