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The Spinner component is used to indicate a loading state.

Basic example

<Spinner />
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Changing the size

Try to stay on the 8px major scale grid, or in some cases the 4px minor scale grid.

<Spinner size={16} />
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<Spinner size={24} />
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<Spinner size={32} />
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Centering in a div

Wrap your Spinner in a Pane to allow for centering of you Spinner.

<Pane display="flex" alignItems="center" justifyContent="center" height={400}>
  <Spinner />
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Centering with automatic margins

Alternatively you can center a Spinner with margins.

  <Spinner marginX="auto" marginY={120} />
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Showing after delay

Add delay prop (in milliseconds) to show spinner only after this time is passed. Hide and then show code below to see this behavior in action.

<Pane height={40}>
  <Spinner delay={300} />
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Spinner Props

This component composes ui-box

delaynumber = 0
Delay after which spinner should be visible.
sizenumber = 40
The size of the spinner.
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