The Tooltip component is used to describe icon buttons. In some cases tooltips are used to show more content, this should be used cautiously since it is hard to be completely accessible.

Tooltip with IconButton

Each IconButton should always be wrapped in a Tooltip.

<Tooltip content="Edit title">
  <IconButton icon="edit" />
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Tooltip to show some content

Use with caution, it’s hard to be completely accessible.

<Tooltip content="Learn more about a feature">
  <Icon icon="info-sign" />
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Tooltip with card appearance

Use with caution, it’s hard to be completely accessible.

    <Paragraph margin={40}>Card appearance</Paragraph>
  <Icon icon="info-sign" />
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Positioning the Tooltip

The Tooltip can be positioned on the following positions using the position prop:

  • Position.TOP
  • Position.TOP_LEFT
  • Position.TOP_RIGHT
  • Position.BOTTOM
  • Position.BOTTOM_LEFT
  • Position.BOTTOM_RIGHT
  • Position.LEFT
  • Position.RIGHT

For a Tooltip the only really useful sides are TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM and LEFT as shown below.

<Pane display="flex" justifyContent="space-between">
  <Tooltip content="Top" position={Position.TOP}>
    <IconButton icon="arrow-up" />
  <Tooltip content="Right" position={Position.RIGHT}>
    <IconButton icon="arrow-right" />
  <Tooltip content="Bottom" position={Position.BOTTOM}>
    <IconButton icon="arrow-down" />
  <Tooltip content="Left" position={Position.LEFT}>
    <IconButton icon="arrow-left" />
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Tooltip Props

appearanceenum = 'default'
The appearance of the tooltip.
positionenum = Position.BOTTOM
The position the Popover is on.
The content of the Popover.
hideDelaynumber = 120
Time in ms before hiding the Tooltip.
showDelaynumber = 0
Time in ms before showing the Tooltip.
When True, manually show the Tooltip.
The target button of the Tooltip.
Properties passed through to the Tooltip.