The Toaster component is used to show an ephemeral message as an overlay.



The toaster is used to show toasts (alerts) on top of an overlay. The toasts will close themselves when the close button is clicked, or after a timeout — the default is 5 seconds.

When To Use

When you want to give feedback to your users about a action they take. Often this is in the form of creation or deletion.

Implementation details

A toast is simply a wrapper around the Alert component and has the same kind of types as an alert. The following types are available:

Types of toasts

  • info: toaster.notify()
  • success: toaster.success()
  • warning: toaster.warning()
  • danger: toaster.danger()

Closing all toasts

In some situations toasts might become outdated before they expire. For example when showing a toast in a setup flow, canceling out of that setup flow might make the toast irrelevant.

In those situations you can use toaster.closeAll() to close all open toasts.

Keep around when mouse over

When the use hovers (mouse overs) the toast it will stop the countdown timer and the toast will stay alive as long as the toast is being hovered.

Self managed

The toaster manages state itself — and uses ReactDOM to show toasts. The toaster is an instance of the Toaster class.





Close all

Adding a description

A description is used as the children of the Alert component. The description can be a React node.

Toasts with custom duration

It is possible to add a custom duration when showing a toast. The default duration is 5 seconds. The duration property is in seconds — not milliseconds.

Unique toasts

There are cases when it's only one toast with the same content can be shown at a time. Passing a unique ID via id property allows Evergreen to close all previous toasts with the same ID, before showing a new one.