What is new

Evergreen is a living system, which means we are constantly making updates to it. You can learn more about those changes and upcoming ones here.

January 2023

Evergreen v7.0.0 focuses on stability and simplicity

  • Removal of glamor css library
  • Removal of classicTheme
  • Removal of SidebarTab, Nudge and SegmentedControl components
  • Codemods have been ported to TypeScript

May 2021

Evergreen v6.0.0

  • Components visual refresh
  • New visual theming architecture
  • Re-architected docs site with streamlined navigation such as Foundations and Patterns

August 2020

Evergreen v5.0.0 is a general health check for the framework that focuses on developer experiences.

  • Improving bundle size & performance
  • Tree-shaking support
  • Better TypeScript definitions.